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Fort Wayne, IN HVAC and Plumbing Services

Fort Wayne, Indiana is a thriving community that experiences the extremes of every season. From snowy winters to sweltering summers, residential and commercial properties in Allen County need effective HVAC, plumbing, and indoor air quality solutions to stay comfortable all year long.

Since 1991, Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating has served the second-largest city in the state with industry-leading home services at unparalleled prices. Our technicians are local to the Fort Wayne community and understand the importance of fast and friendly customer service that doesn’t sacrifice professionalism for a low cost.

Our team of more than 70 installers, plumbing & HVAC technicians, and staff is ready to transform your Fort Wayne, IN home with effective HVAC and plumbing solutions. Whether you need new equipment or have a laundry list of repairs stacking up, we can address all of your home’s needs.

Contact Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating to install, repair, and maintain your HVAC systems today.

Heating Services


When it comes to heating your home, your furnace is the key to your family’s comfort. Our local technicians are expertly trained in all furnace solutions to keep your Fort Wayne home warm throughout the coldest winters.

Furnace Installation

When your furnace reaches the end of its life, we offer affordable prices on new furnace installation to quickly get your heating system back to its optimal performance.

Furnace Repair

Putting off repairs can turn a minor issue into a costly breakdown that may even lead to a need for total replacement. Call our furnace repair experts to quickly diagnose any possible issues facing your furnace.

Furnace Maintenance

If you want to prevent repairs and save money by increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system, then you should always take part in regular maintenance. We offer maintenance plans available in monthly or annual payment options to provide our customers with a flexible way to care for their furnaces.


Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating’s high-quality HVAC services can address all of your boiler needs promptly, allowing your family to focus on enjoying the cozy comfort of your Fort Wayne home.

Our boiler solutions include:

Making sure you have the most high-quality heating system in your home will ensure you save money on your energy bills and have a comfortable and safe home. Call Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating for more information on our heating services today.

Cooling Services

Air Conditioner Repair

In the heat of a Fort Wayne summer, air conditioning systems can often break down from exertion. Our techs are trained to diagnose and fix air conditioning malfunctions with speed and efficiency.

Air Conditioner Installation

When you need a new air conditioner, trust our proven air conditioner installation services to add a new cooling system to your home for the best price.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Extend the life of your cooling system with routine maintenance from our knowledgeable technicians. We’ll clean, inspect, and tune up your AC unit on an annual basis to ensure it’s ready for the summer.

Other HVAC Solutions

At Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating, we go above and beyond to ensure you’re satisfied with all of our HVAC services. Our complete list of equipment solutions includes:

Whatever your heating and cooling needs are for your Fort Wayne home, we’re here to help. Talk to one of our caring staff members to schedule your HVAC appointment today.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Did you know that the average person spends 90% of their time indoors? A majority of that time is spent in their own home. That’s why your Fort Wayne home must have high-quality air.

Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating’s proficient technicians can improve your indoor air quality with our air quality system solutions. We have a reputation for success with the following air-quality equipment:

Air Purifiers

We’ll install and repair air purifiers manufactured by the top brands to capture and kill 99% of all airborne contaminants floating around in your home.

Dehumidifiers & Humidifiers

Don’t let your house be overtaken by the humidity of summer or the bone-dry cold of winter. Take advantage of our expert whole-home dehumidifier and humidifier installation and repair solutions to maintain healthy moisture levels year-round.

Media Air Cleaners

Our media air cleaner installation service is guaranteed to make your air cleaner and more comfortable for you and your family in Fort Wayne.


Take control of your home’s HVAC systems with our thermostat installation and repair. From Wi-Fi to smart thermostats, we have the system to fit your family’s needs.

UV Air Cleaners & UV Lights

Airborne contaminants in your HVAC systems don’t stand a chance against the innovative tech of UV air cleaners and UV lights. We offer both UV air cleaner installation and UVB light installation to ensure your home always has the cleanest air possible.

Call Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating to start improving your Fort Wayne, IN, home’s indoor air quality today.

Plumbing Services


Backflow poses a direct threat to the health and safety of everyone in your Fort Wayne household. That’s why our plumbing experts will address all of your backflow issues with urgency and industry expertise to get the job done fast.

Our backflow services include:

  • Backflow Preventer Installation
  • Backflow Preventer Maintenance
  • Backflow Preventer Repair
  • Backflow Testing

Bathroom Plumbing

Your bathroom is a sacred space – self-care, personal hygiene, and your morning routine all start here. So when you notice a problem with your bathroom plumbing or are looking to upgrade your current fixtures and equipment, call Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating for affordable, quality bathroom plumbing solutions across Fort Wayne.

Bathroom Faucets

Brushing your teeth, washing your face, grabbing a quick drink before bed – you need a working faucet to effectively use your bathroom. We offer both bathroom faucet installation and bathroom faucet repair so you’ll always have access to fresh, clean water in your home.

Bathroom Sinks

Your bathroom faucet will only be as effective as your bathroom sink. Our excellent bathroom sink installation and bathroom sink repair services will keep your sink running effectively and looking great with the latest styles and models on the market.


Get the bathtub of your dream with our superlative bathtub installation. Or if your old tub is leaking or cracking, call us for skillful bathtub repair solutions.

Other Bathroom Plumbing Solutions

At Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating, we can address all of your bathroom plumbing needs, even those as simple as reattaching a broken toilet chain. From more advanced work like a leaky pipe to the style of your fixtures, we’re eager to help you maintain your bathroom.

Our additional bathroom plumbing services include:

  • Shower Installation
  • Toilet Installation
  • Toilet Repair


Clogs in your drains can cause slow drainage and place additional stress on your plumbing system. While pouring chemicals down the drain may provide a temporary fix, it's not a long-term solution and can even damage your pipes over time. 

At Flow-Tech, we offer professional drain cleaning, clearing, and unclogging services that go beyond simple chemical treatments. Our experienced technicians use safe and effective methods to clear clogs and restore proper drainage without harming your plumbing system.

Gas Lines

A big part of plumbing that many people forget about is gas lines. While these systems often run out of sight, they can’t be out of mind if you want safe and secure gas access in your Fort Wayne home.

Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating specializes in three core gas line services:

  • Gas line installation
  • Gas line repair
  • Gas line replacement

Let us keep all of your HVAC and plumbing equipment running with our effective gas line solutions.

Kitchen Plumbing

Just like your bathroom, your kitchen has a host of plumbing systems that need proper care and maintenance to run smoothly. When something goes wrong with your kitchen plumbing equipment, our proficient kitchen plumbing services can have you enjoying your kitchen again in no time.

Our kitchen plumbing services include:

Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating is Fort Wayne’s one-stop shop for all of your plumbing needs.

Water Heaters

Flow-Tech proudly provides tankless water heater and traditional water heater installation and repair services. Contact us today to find the right system for your home, or to repair your current model.

Water Purifier Systems

The most effective way to ensure your home’s drinking water is clean is a whole-home water purifier system. At Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating, our certified technicians are highly skilled in water purifier system installation.

While these systems take an expert hand to install, once they’re in place you can get access to safe water from any faucet in your home with a turn of a handle. Cost-effective and long-lasting, these systems are an easy way to upgrade your Fort Wayne home’s plumbing system.

Water Softeners

Hard water can affect your laundry, dishes, and even health. 

Installing a water softener will provide your home with a safer, more comfortable water supply. Reach out to Flow-Tech today to schedule water softener services in the Fort Wayne, IN area.

Sump Pumps

Fort Wayne basements don’t stand a chance against heavy rain or flood without a properly installed sump pump. This critical piece of plumbing equipment can protect your home and keep your basement dry. 

While the components of a sump pump are simple enough, installation requires an expert hand to place the system in a specially constructed pit or crawl space. Our skilled technicians are able to perform sump pump installation, replacement, and repair so you don’t have to worry about water collecting in your home.

Sewage Pumps

If your Fort Wayne property has long sewer lines that don’t have proper fall to the main line or have a variety of below-grade areas, such as your bathroom or kitchen, then you should invest in a sewage pump.

These plumbing systems are designed to collect sewage from your home and pump it uphill or across long distances to your main sewer line, avoiding waste and water backups in your home. With an installation process similar to sump pumps, it’s important to rely on professionals such as the technicians at Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating for proper installation, replacement, and repair.

Battery Backups

Some plumbing equipment, including sump pumps and sewage pumps, might run off of your power current. But when the electricity in your Fort Wayne home fails, you’ll need a battery backup to ensure you remain safe from indoor floods and waste backups.

At Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating, our team is well-versed in the innovative technology of battery backups and can help you choose the best equipment for your home. We’ll make sure it’s installed right the first time, so you’ll always be prepared in the case of a power emergency.

Commercial Services

Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating’s technicians don’t just service homes in Fort Wayne. We’re equipped to handle all of the specialized plumbing and HVAC needs of your commercial properties as well. From office spaces to retail centers, our plumbing, heating, and air conditioning repairs and installations can be tailored specially for your commercial space’s unique requirements.

To help you care for your commercial equipment, we offer commercial service maintenance agreements available in monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual payment options. 

Commercial Cooling

When it comes to keeping your building cool, you can trust our staff to deliver excellent service at a fair price. Our commercial air conditioning services include:

  • Commercial AC Installation
  • Commercial AC Repair
  • Commercial AC Maintenance

Commercial Heating

Heating a larger space can be a tough job. But Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating’s heating specialists are up to the task of keeping your Fort Wayne business warm through every season. Our heating services in Fort Wayne include:

  • Commercial Furnace Installation
  • Commercial Furnace Repair
  • Commercial Furnace Maintenance

Commercial Plumbing Services

Our quality plumbing solutions extend beyond residential plumbing to the more unique needs of commercial properties. From a water heater installation to leak repair services, our local plumbers can handle any plumbing job you throw their way.

We offer both commercial plumbing installation and commercial plumbing repair and have proven solutions to address issues in your building’s major and minor repairs. No matter the size or scope of the job, our trained plumbers in Fort Wayne are here to help with reasonable pricing and quality workmanship.

24/7 Emergency Services

At Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating, we know that your plumbing and HVAC systems don’t run on a 9-5 schedule, and they won’t wait for a convenient time to break down. That’s why we offer all of our professional services across Fort Wayne 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From emergency plumbing to emergency furnace and AC repair, our techs are local, so we’re always ready to answer your call for help.

Contact Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating

Are you a resident or commercial property owner in Fort Wayne looking to enhance or maintain your space’s plumbing and HVAC equipment? Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating is your top choice for all installation, repair, and maintenance services. We’re a local family who understands the importance of a safe and happy home or workplace. That’s why we’ve proudly offered high-value home services solutions in Fort Wayne, Columbia City, Ligonier, and Wabash, Indiana since 1991. Contact Flow-Tech Plumbing & Heating to schedule your service appointment in Fort Wayne today.



We care for our customers and we know new plumbing can be a large investment, so we offer financing options. Through the Wells Fargo Financing Program, we offer several flexible financing options to ensure you can invest in your home without breaking your budget. With approved credit from Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. you’ll enjoy: 

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