Plumbing Accessories

Welcome to Flow-Tech Plumbing and Heating, where we offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge plumbing accessories designed to elevate your home’s water management and protection. From innovative pumps to intelligent monitoring systems, we have everything you need to ensure your plumbing runs flawlessly.

Experience ultimate peace of mind with our PHCC PS-C33 Combo Pump. This cutting-edge system merges energy-efficient primary and backup pumps with a built-in alarm system and intelligent switching control, seamlessly stepping in during power outages. 

Our PHCC 2400 Battery Backup is your safety net during emergencies. Compatible with your existing primary pump and piping, this solution ensures your home remains safeguarded during power disruptions. With a maintenance-free battery and a generous three-year warranty, reliability has never been more accessible.

Enhance the runtime of your PHCC 2400 pump by an extra 50 hours with the PHCC B-2200 2nd Battery. Count on extended protection and security, ensuring your home is shielded even during prolonged outages.

Introducing the PHCC Pro Series Wi-Fi Module, your direct connection to your plumbing system’s status. Receive instant email or text notifications, keeping you informed wherever you are. Best of all, there’s no monthly fee – just uninterrupted awareness.

Meet the Grohe Sense System, your lifeline when it comes to water leak detection and prevention. This intelligent system not only alerts you to potential leaks but also takes action by automatically shutting off the water. Protect your home from costly water damage with this revolutionary solution.

Experience the security of FloodSafe Braided Hoses, designed to thwart catastrophic water damage. Engineered with a patented design, these hoses offer unparalleled protection against burst, broken, or ruptured water supply hoses and fittings.

Embrace endless hot water with the Navien 240A Ultra High-Efficiency Water Heater. Perfect for spaces where a tank-style heater isn’t feasible, it boasts a fifteen-year heat exchanger warranty, a five-year parts warranty, and operates gas only when hot water is in demand.

Say goodbye to waiting for hot water at the faucet with Navi-Circ. This ingenious system utilizes your existing hot and cold water lines, reducing wait times without the need for a dedicated recirculation line (compatible with NPE-A series).

Experience complete control over your Navien system with Navien-Link WiFi Control. Manage your system from the convenience of your hand-held device, ensuring comfort and efficiency are always at your command.

Enhance your drinking water quality with our R/O System. Designed to remove minerals and bad odors at the point of use, it’s the perfect solution for clean and refreshing hydration.

Revolutionize your water quality with our Whole House Filtration and Water Softening solutions. From removing iron, lime, and minerals to eliminating bad odors, these systems ensure your entire home benefits from crystal-clear, soft water.


At Flow-Tech Plumbing, your satisfaction is paramount. Rest assured, our professional, background-checked technicians are committed to excellence. Receive transparent quotes before any work begins, and benefit from our stringent quality assurance checklist for a thorough and complete service every time.


Discover our Service Maintenance Agreements (SMA) for a range of benefits that ensure your plumbing system's longevity. With plumbing service discounts, reduced diagnostic fees, and flexible payment options, you'll enjoy prolonged equipment efficiency, cleaner air, lower utility costs, and protection against unexpected failures.


Silver SMA

Gold SMA

Diamond SMA

21 Point Inspection, 2 Visits per Year, 24 Hour Priority Status, Discounts on Parts, Filters, Equipment, & Accessories.

21 Point Inspection, 2 Visits per Year, Same Day Priority Status, Discounts on Parts, Filters, Equipment, & Accessories.

21 Point Inspection, 2 Visits per Year, Same Day Priority Status, Discounts on Parts, Filters, Equipment, & Accessories.

Experience Excellence with the Flow-Tech Diamond Program

Our prestigious Diamond Program offers comprehensive warranty coverage during regular business hours. Our Diamond Program members benefit from several perks including:

  • Ductless Mini-split Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA)
  • 21 Point Inspection 
  • 2 Visits per Year 
  • 24 Hour Priority Status 
  • Discounts on Parts, Equipment, & Accessories


Experience plumbing excellence like never before with Flow-Tech Plumbing’s cutting-edge accessories. From water protection to efficient water heaters, we’re here to provide end-to-end convenience and comfort. Choose Flow-Tech for innovation, reliability, and unrivaled customer satisfaction. 

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